Why do other ppl have my name wtf

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It’s really an asshole move from EA to just cut off any support they had for TS2 as soon as the newer games started to come out. they really can’t even claim that because it’s an old game no one else plays it since there are still thousands of games active. Fine then, screw your own company, who even buys your new shitty games anyway.

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One night I hold on
You, you,
Castamere, Castamere, Castamere, Castamere.

A coat of gold or coat of red
A lion still has claws
And mine are long and sharp my Lord
As long and sharp as yours.

And so he spoke, and he spoke
That lord of Castamere.
And now the rains weep over his hall
with no one there to hear
Yes, now the rains weep over his hall,
And not a soul to hear.

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when people call you “hun”

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